Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Credit Unions Creating Marketplaces for Communities Online

Credit Unions now have the ability to support their communities in the buying and selling of items online. With the increase of "online yard sales" across the country, Credit Unions can now participate with communities in these transactions. Sharetown, offers a way for Credit Unions to create their own marketplace for it's members.

Members are looking for a safe and efficient way to buy and sell new and used items within their community. This is a natural fit for Credit Unions to offer:

- Craigslist no longer feels safe. People want to deal with members in their community that they have a common connection with. The Sharetown platform offers a social media aspect so members can see what friends they have in common and who they're dealing with before they meet up.

- A Credit Union adds an additional layer of trust for the members of the online buy and sell group because they are dealing with members of the same Credit Union.

- Credit Unions offer a physical, neutral, safe place, for people to meet up to do a transaction.

- Credit Unions have the ability to offer members loans to purchase boats, cars, motorhomes, motorbikes, houses, etc. right at the point of transaction. These transactions are happening between two members of the credit union, and are beneficial to all parties involved.

To take a tour of an online marketplace for a credit uion, click the link:

For further information regarding marketplaces for credit unions, please send an email to Jorja Leavitt at