Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Want to Make Extra Money? How about Renting Out Your Stuff?

Have you been looking for new ways to earns some extra cash? Think about renting out something that is just collecting dust when you're not using.

Here are a few ideas of things that can be rented out:

1. Tools. Everybody needs a tool at sometime, but not everyone is ready to make that kind of investment. Why not rent out your 10 foot ladder to your neighbor so they can clean out their rain gutters? Some popular tools that people are willing to rent are: Ladders, Drills, Wheelbarrow, Leaf Blower, Snow Blower, Hedge Trimmer, Rototiller, and Powerwasher.

2. Camping Gear. Not everyone is an outdoor enthusiast, but most people like to go on a little weekend getaway to enjoy nature. Camping gear can be a huge investment, so renting it instead of buying it makes sense for someone who only wants to go once a year.

3. Sports Equipment. Buying kids new sports equipment each season can be very costly, many parents are looking for used equipment to save some money, so why not rent it out to help someone out, and make money on your equipment every season? Also, winter equipment such as Snowboard or Ski's is a hot item to rent for someone who only goes once per year. You could easily supplement your own habit by letting someone rent your gear for a weekend.

4. Party Supplies. Do you own extra chairs, tables, or even an event tent? These are a hot item when someone is planning a get together. Put them up for rent when they're not in use.

5. Bikes. People who aren't avid bikers but who would enjoy a weekend ride around town are ideal to rent your bike to. Also, people on vacation are often looking for an easy way to get around for a few days.

6. Handbags. Designer purses are something that can be rented out for a season. Instead of selling off that handbag that you no longer use, why not rent it out for a couple of months. You could make more money over a period of time then just a one time sale of the purse. This is a great way to supplement your current shopping habit.

Use Sharetown to Rent out Your Stuff!