Friday, December 12, 2014


1. Deal with people you know. Online yard sale sites and facebook garage sale groups are all the rage, and you will be able to find great deals. Be careful to only deal with friends or friends of friends. This is one benefit of Sharetown being connected with facebook, you can look at someones facebook profile before deciding to buy or sell an item. Make sure you have some friends in common before agreeing to dealing with them.

2. Use the BUY button to buy and sell. If you use the buy button on Sharetown, you will not have to carry cash with you, which adds an extra layer of protection.

3. Use the Trust button. Sharetown has a rating system where you can "trust" people that you do business with, along with your friends and neighbors so other people in the group know who they can trust.

4. Bring a friend with you. Don't go alone to meet someone, bring a friend or your spouse to be extra safe.

NEW FEATURE: Use the BUY button to use debit and credit cards to buy and sell

Sharetown allow you to BUY and SEll using debit and credit cards to buy and sell on your facebook classified groups, or online yard sale and garage sale groups. Buyers no longer miss out on a good deal because you can put your money where your mouth is. You can secure your item using a debit or credit card and then make sure it is what you want and then release the payment. Sellers can now make sure they will not be stood up, make people pay you using the "BUY" button and you know that the buyer is serious when then use their debit or credit card. Both parties can cancel anytime.