Thursday, October 16, 2014

Sharetown in the NEWS: Sharetown Wants to Disrupt Craigslist

Sharetown was featured in TechCocktail this week: 

Cox and recently partnered to put on the #GetStartedLV with the express mission of showcasing the entrepreneurial talent that Las Vegas has to offer the world. They hosted a pitch competition in which five different entrepreneur-finalists had the opportunity to present their ideas to a panel of experts.
The startups were competing for a prize package valued at $15,000 based on their level of innovation, ease of implementation, and the benefit they can offer the local community. To help highlight all that made them awesome, Sarah Evans interviewed each startup off the stage.
Jorja Leavitt brought her company, Sharetown, all the way to the final round. Fueled by her excitement, Leavitt was able to successfully showcase and represent her company to the bigger Las Vegas tech scene.
The concept of Sharetown is pretty disruptive, especially compared to bigger sites like Craigslist. Imagine that you have a 7 foot ladder: you’re going to use it for hanging decorations or trimming tree branches.
Your neighbor might have a host of chores that require said ladder, but what if they don’t have one? Sharetown lets you rent your ladder out to locals in your neighborhood. According to Leavitt, we’ve got the buying and selling down pat, but the renting could use some help.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Sharetown in the NEWS: Rethink Las Vegas

Cox Communications and co-sponsored an incredible event, Get Started Vegas (#GetStartedLV) at the Rain Nightclub (Palms).
pitch-based competition for start-ups, entrepreneurs and small business owners to share their current business plan. Panel of expert judges select a winner who received a Cox Business technology and media package worth $15,000. The judges are from, Cisco Systems, Detroit Venture Partners and Trend Nation LLC.
This was the opportunity to network with a diverse group of Las Vegas entrepreneurs and witness the Shark Tank-inspired pitch event.


In episode 29 Dave takes his podcast on the road. Dave had the opportunity to cover the Get Started Vegas Pitch event held at the the Rain Nightclub (Palms). Dave started out the night talking with Cody Sims of Cox Communications. Cox and have teamed up to give one lucky business a $15,000 prize based on the best business plan/pitch.

Businesses (Pitchers)

Chef Mike Childrey - Michaela’s Decadent Desserts
Jorja Leavitt - Sharetown
R Blank – EM Shield
Rebecca  Zajac – Design by Numbers
Rachel Wenman- It’s on Me


Josh Linker – Author, Disciplined Dreaming; CEO and Managing Partner, Detroit Venture Partners
Tim Washer – Senior Marketing Manager, Social Media, Cisco Systems
Lindsay Blakely – Senior Editor at


Victoria Boyd –
Danielle Flinn –


R Blank – Judges winner of the $15,000 business pack
Jorja Leavitt - Crowd choice favorite