Monday, February 18, 2013

FORBES predicts $3.5 Billion in "Sharing" this year

Tomio Geron wrote a very compelling argument in FORBES to why collaborative consumption will grow over 25% the next year. This new sharing economy looks to be disrupting the older consumption economy and the millennia's might be to blame.

"FORBES estimates the revenue flowing through the share economy directly into people’s wallets will surpass $3.5 billion this year, with growth exceeding 25%. At that rate peer-to-peer sharing is moving from an income boost in a stagnant wage market into a disruptive economic force. Technology has vastly improved on the newspaper classifieds that brokered the sweating of assets for a century...
...Millennials, the ascendant economic force in America, have been culturally programmed to borrow, rent and share. They don’t buy newspapers; they grab and disseminate stories a la carte via Facebook and Twitter. They don’t buy DVD sets; they stream shows. They don’t buy CDs; they subscribe to music on services such as Spotify or Pandora (or just steal it)." 

Click Here to read the article in it's entirety: 
Airbnb And The Unstoppable Rise Of The Share Economy . By, Tomio Geron

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