Monday, August 20, 2012

TIME: Don’t Buy, Share featured “10 Ideas That Will Change the World”, and one of them was Collaborative Consumption. In Bryan Walsh’s article “Today’s Smart Choice: Don’t Own. Share”, he says it’s the younger generation who is pioneering the way to “renting, lending, and even sharing goods instead of buying”. He goes on to assert that there is more to the economic benefits to sharing goods, but there are community benefits as well.

“But the real benefit of collaborative consumption turns out to be social. In an era when families are scattered and we may not know the people down the street, sharing things — even with strangers we’ve just met online — allows us to make meaningful connections…

We yearn to trust and be trusted — one researcher has found that people get a spike of the pleasant neurotransmitter oxytocin when they’re entrusted with another’s goods. That’s the beauty of a sharing society — and perhaps the reason it might prove more lasting than one built on ownership.”

Read the full article HERE.

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