Thursday, August 9, 2012

Collaborative Consumption Cornerstone of New Economy reports that collaborative consumption is the cornerstone of the new economy.

The Rise of the Collaborative Consumption Economy
By  David Brodwin

‘…Collaborative consumption is a cornerstone of the new  economy. It  challenges the old economy  idea that corporations must own the assets  they need to make things and provide  services. Instead, it encourages  ownership to be widely distributed.

Collaborative consumption applies both to physical assets  and human  assets. Physical assets like  homes and cars are sometimes vastly  underutilized. This value can be tapped to generate cash for  owners and  offer lower prices for renters. Collaborative consumption also applies  to people-powered services,  particular when specialized knowledge and  skills are involved. You may want to learn French and I may need  help  with my taxes. But neither of us  wants to become a full-time teacher or  consultant…’

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