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Article on Collaborative Consumption: The Sharing Engine

This article apeared today on The Sharing Engine:

Three interesting companies every startup should pay attention to

Posted on August 1, 2012 by lisa
If your thinking of starting your own peer-to-peer sharing site, make sure you are up to date on the latest trends. As more and more people are connected through the Internet, you need to make sure you can deliver quality as promised. Our first company on the list will challenge your startups reputation, but with the right game plan you will be just fine.

“Public Demand”
Public demand calls them self the “Social Better Business Bureau”. It’s similar to “Causes” and lets users write reports on something that’s bothering them about a company, and then allows other people to hop on the bandwagon.
It is like a structured petition site. Customers can share a story and connect with people who have experienced the same thing, rather than simply complaining on Twitter, where tweets go to die.
So, in the area of the sharing economy and the collaborative consumption, make sure to keep your users happy to make your business afloat.

So far so good? To grow you your business further you need to attract customers and clients. One of the biggest problems for many startups is to know which customers to use money, and resources on. Sqoot is making this process really easy, and will help you to focus your attention the “right” places. 

The idea behind Sqoot is that more companies are selling digital goods and services to businesses these days. But how can your company know if for example a coffee shop is savvy enough to understand what you’re selling? Sqoot jumps in to give the coffee shop a rating between 1-100 on how savvy the business is.
If the company has a Twitter account and Facebook page, they’d get a higher rating than someone with only a simple website. This will help your business locate the tech friendly companies who may be open to new and interesting solutions.

The last company in this article will help you improve your coworkers information sharing. You probably use Dropbox already, which is really easy. The only problem is that there´s no real way to take notes on the files that you’re sharing

The company Groupiter lets you create “change logs” on the fly that pop up an update to those who are parts of a shared folder on Dropbox. This helps you to make sure that everything is up to date. Imagine how much time that could be saved by eliminating conversations around updates on files!

These three companies are interesting because they will help your business in three important ways: “PublicDemand” forces you to constantly think of the customer value, “Sqoot” helps you narrow dawn the list of potential clients, and “Gropiter” improves the internal workflow in your company. 

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